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Simpson Strong-Tie
Acquisition of Friulsider

Since 2022, Friulsider has been part of Simpson Strong-Tie, an international construction product company based in California with multiple subsidiaries throughout Europe. Simpson Strong-Tie provides products and technologies that help people design and build safer and stronger structures. As pioneers in the construction industry and a world leader in structural solutions, they demonstrate an unparalleled passion for solving problems through skillful engineering and well-considered innovation. Dedication to pursuing constantly improved construction products and technologies and surrounding their customers with exceptional service and support has been at the core of their mission since 1956.

Why did Simpson Strong-Tie acquire Friulsider?

Thanks to its strong competitive position and brand recognition, the acquisition will enable the combined companies to significantly increase their product portfolio by enhancing their construction solutions proposition and expanding their market presence, with a particular focus on the European context.

Like Friulsider, Simpson Strong-Tie has a long history of providing exceptional products and services. Founded in 1956, the company's values include inexhaustible customer focus, high quality products, innovation and a long-term vision. The importance of employees is also reflected in the company's principles: everyone contributes to growth. The culture of the two companies is very similar and formed the common ground in favour of the acquisition.

About Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc., headquartered in Pleasanton, California, through its subsidiary, Simpson Strong Tie Company Inc., designs, engineers and is a leading manufacturer of wood construction products, including connectors, truss plates, fastening systems, fasteners and shearwalls, and concrete construction products, including adhesives, specialty chemicals, mechanical anchors, powder actuated tools and reinforcing fiber materials. The Company's common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "SSD."

Will there be significant changes to the Friulsider business?

The Friulsider administration will not undergo any transformative interventions, the management are working to outline the most effective strategy for the future, in the meantime guaranteeing operational continuity to protect the level of service to its customers. The goal is to combine the companies in a way that takes advantage of their respective strengths in the marketplace. Any subsequent significant changes will be duly communicated.

What will change for Friulsider customers?

In the short term, nothing will change. We will keep you informed as our vision, strategy and plans develop over the coming months and as new opportunities arise.

Will product availability change?

In the coming months, the product portfolio will be optimised and expanded to include the best solutions from Friulsider and Simpson Strong-Tie, with the aim of ensuring distribution continuity. We intend to keep you informed with dedicated communications regarding the range evolution and the introduction of new launches.

Will the strategy and partnerships with distributors change?

Absolutely not. We want to preserve and maintain our strong partnerships with distributors.

Will product prices and sales conditions for customers change?

There are no plans to change prices or sales conditions; in other countries, Friulsider and Simpson Strong-Tie will still manage their customer relations separately, in Italy Friulsider will represent Simpson Strong-Tie for any requirements. All previous agreements with customers remain in force. We will keep you informed if these change in the future.

Are any changes planned for the FRIULSIDER brand?

FRIULSIDER and Simpson Strong-Tie are strong brands and we want to keep them, they will coexist.

What should I do if I have questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns, your commercial and administrative contact persons are at your complete disposal.

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